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13 April 2007 @ 03:51 am
Addition to Sale Post  
Hi again! I have decided to part with two additional pairs of wings. Please read my previous post regarding shipping and other info. I have put the descriptions and photos under a cut due to size:

This first set went with my Winter Fae costume which I recently sacrificed in order to create a new gown. The wings are large and were created by Lynne Jones of The Faerie Trail. They are white, blue and silver. These are GORGEOUS wings and beautifully made, extremely durable. They are designed to be worn in a strapless manner but can also be worn with straps. I know this isnt the best photo but I will be happy to snap more for you if interested. Asking $125

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These wings were created by Angela Jarman of Fancyfairy.com. These are an older model, she has new ones on her site. They are very pretty but do have a few repairs. Iridescent pinkish hue. Strapless design but clear straps included. More photos available upon request. Asking $25

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